151 Persons Died in South Korea: 151 people died and 82 people injured in a stampede at a party in South Korea

151 Persons Died in South Korea: 151 people died and 82 people injured in a stampede at a party in South Korea


Seoul: 151 Persons Died in South Korea– A horrifying scene was seen at the Halloween party going on in the market of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Where there was a stampede allegedly in a crowd of 1 lakh people, after which dozens of people fell unconscious on the road. The death toll has risen to 151 while more than 82 people are said to be injured.

On coming to know about this incident, the police and medical team reached the spot. In the health check-up, it was found that more than 50 people had had a heart attack at the same time. Where there was an atmosphere of celebration in this party, seeing the celebration turned into mourning. A video of this incident has also surfaced, in which policemen are seen giving CPR to people lying unconscious on the streets. (151 Persons Died in South Korea)

According to media reports, in relation to this accident, South Korean officials are being told that hundreds of people were injured after being crushed in a stampede during the Halloween festival in the South Korean capital Seoul, while many people are feared to be killed. Is. (151 Persons Died in South Korea)

At the same time, media reports quoted an official of the South Korean National Fire Agency as saying that due to crowding in the Itawan Laser area last night (Saturday) about 82 people were injured, and many people were crushed in heart attacks and stampedes. died from (151 Persons Died in South Korea)

Following the incident, South Korean President Eun-suk Yeol issued an official statement instructing officials to provide prompt and proper treatment to those injured in the accident. He directed the Health Ministry to arrange emergency medical aid teams and safe and proper beds in the nearby hospital for the treatment of the injured.
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