92 People Found Naked on Greece Border, whom Caught crossing the river with the help of rubber boat

92 People Found Naked on Greece Border: whom Caught crossing the river with the help of rubber boat


World News: 92 People Found Naked on Greece Border– A shocking news from the country of Greece, where police on the Greece and Turkey border have caught more than 92 migrants completely naked without clothes from the forests. After this news came to the fore, the United Nations has condemned the incident.

Giving information in this regard, the Greek police said that “these migrants were seen near the Evros river on the Turkey and Greece border. According to the investigation by the officials of the European Union Border Agency and the Greek police, these 92 migrants had a rubber boat. By crossing the river, Turkey has entered the country’s border with Greece.   (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)

After rescuing these people, these migrants told the police that “Turkey forced them into three vehicles and left them in the border area.” These migrant people told that “these people were also completely stripped before leaving them at the border, that’s why these people have reached here naked.”   (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)92 people found naked on Greece border

At the same time, regarding this issue, the Migration Ministry of the country of Greece says that “this bad behavior of Turkey has crossed all borders and has resulted in this act, which is a very condemnable act.” At the same time, the Migration Minister in the Greek government has shared a photo on Twitter, in which about 20 people are shown roaming naked in the open.        (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)

According to the news going viral in the media, Greece’s Migration Minister reportedly says that “such behavior of Turkey is a shameful behavior for civil civilization. On this matter, Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan’s chief spokesman Fahrettin Altun has criticized the Greece country. Refuting all these claims and allegations, the U.S. said that “the Greek machine of fake news has once again returned to its work of broadcasting fake news.    (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman says that “such false and misleading statements are being spread to bring the Turkish country under suspicion.” Have done the work of giving to the world, the country of Greece does not even care about the dignity of these victims.” (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)

In this regard, a statement has also been issued by the United Nations, the UN said in its statement that “We strongly condemn this kind of cruel behavior, and demand an inquiry into this matter. (92 People Found Naked on Greece Border)
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