Archana Nag Blackmailer: 25 leaders including minister and MLA trapped in honey trap of a blackmailer woman ‘Archana Nag’, who is this blackmailer ‘Archana Nag’?

Archana Nag Blackmailer: 25 leaders including minister and MLA trapped in honey trap of a blackmailer woman ‘Archana Nag’, who is this blackmailer ‘Archana Nag’?


Bhubaneswar: Archana Nag Blackmailer– A big case of 25 white collar leaders of the state being trapped in the honey trap of a blackmailer woman in Odisha has come to light. This story of ‘Archana Nag’, who established a big empire by blackmailing big leaders and big people from Kalahandi to Bhubaneshwar, a tribal-dominated district of Odisha, is like a Bollywood film.Archana Nag Blackmailer

When a simple woman from a small village in the state of Odisha reached Bhubaneshwar, she was very poor at that time, but when she laid her honey honey trap, such people were trapped in her trap that in a short time she became a millionaire. Went. It is being said that Archana, along with her husband Jagbandhu Chand, reached the heights financially where she might not have reached even in births together. (Archana Nag Blackmailer)

It is said that the girl (woman) who never had a bicycle to walk, but now she started roaming in expensive vehicles like BMW. But now that she has reached behind the bars, now the faces of the famous white collar people of the state have started getting exposed. (Archana Nag Blackmailer)Archana Nag Blackmailer

It is being told in media reports that her husband Jagbandhu Chand used to first shortlist his victims, after which Archana Nag used to convene with them on social media through chats and conversations and invite them to her house, where she used to call the victim in her honey trap. Used to get trapped Similarly, in his honey trap, most of the small to big politicians, high-profile businessmen, government officials and even filmmakers went on getting caught in his trap. (Archana Nag Blackmailer)

Archana Nag is a resident of village Kesinga in Kalahandi district of Odisha, her family had once left their native village Kenduguda and settled in Kesinga. Archana Nag is the eldest daughter. Archana was married to Jagabandhu Chand, a resident of Jaleshwar in Balasore district. Who was earlier from a very poor family. But before marriage, Jagabandhu Chand left the village and started working in a hotel in Bhubaneswar. There he met Archana and later both of them got married.

But after this Archana Nag and her husband Jagbandhu Chand together started the business of trapping big people in the Mo Honey trap. The husband used to shortlist people with big money and Archana Nag would first search her victim on social media and chat with them, then she used to talk and finally she used to call her victim at home. After feeding, Archana used to take her victim to the special bedroom where the spy cameras were fitted. From here people used to get trapped in his clutches in such a way that it was difficult to get out. (Archana Nag Blackmailer)

In this way, Archana Nag and her husband made immense wealth by blackmailing people by trapping them in the honey trap. According to media reports, when Archana Nag was caught by the police, a grand bungalow worth about Rs 3 crore, a farmhouse, a large stake in a car showroom, expensive furniture and many expensive luxury cars like BMW were found from her. Apart from this, cash of Rs 11 crore was also recovered from the bungalow. (Archana Nag Blackmailer)Archana Nag Blackmailer

Addressing a press conference on Archana Nag case, Bhubaneshwar DCP Prateek Singh said that “A case was registered against Archana Nag at Khandagiri police station on October 2. Against her 387, 420 and 506 under IT Act 496/-. Cases like 22 have been registered.” (Archana Nag Blackmailer)

According to the DCP, 4 mobile phones, 2 tablets, a laptop, a pen drive, a hard disk, bank passbook have been confiscated from the house and bank locker of the arrested Archana. Now the police is collecting all the details related to his bank transactions.
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