Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed: Fraud of crores with people by opening fake bank in UP’s Auraiya, case revealed due to non-payment of salaries of employees

Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed: Fraud of crores with people by opening fake bank in UP’s Auraiya, case revealed due to non-payment of salaries of employees



Auraiya: Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed– A big shocking news from Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh where a big case of cheating people of crores of rupees by opening a fake bank has come to light. And this work was done so cleanly that even the employees working in it had no doubt that this fake bank was fake.Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed

It is being told that this bank has been setup very well like the branch of other banks, so that no one can doubt it. The matter came to light when the employees stopped getting salary after 3 months. At first, all the employees were given salary for 3 months, but when the salary did not come after that, the employee complained to the police. (Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed)

According to media reports, security worth lakhs of rupees was taken in the name of giving jobs to people in the fake bank opened by the mastermind of the fake bank and his associate. When the police investigated the matter on the complaint of an employee who was worried about non-payment of salary, the police were also shocked that the bank which was opened in the name of Aryavart Nidhi Bank turned out to be a fake bank. (Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed)

When the mastermind and associates were arrested and interrogated by the police, the accused told that they had opened 5 branches, in which more than 50 employees were kept. Through which they had made more than 300 customers. While these accused opened the savings accounts of the customers, on the other hand, many customers also opened FD (Fixed Deposit) accounts of doubling the amount in 5 years. (Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed)

Not only this, so that the customers do not have any doubt, they also used to do small transactions in the bank. It is being told that before the Corona period, a person named Aslam, its mastermind, used to work in a bank, but after leaving the job, along with his partner Adaitya opened a bank named Digital Aryavarta Nidhi Bank in Auraiya. Which opened many branches in different places. (Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed)

It is being told that both these main accused Aslam and Aditya had appointed their wives Nargis and Pragati as directors of the bank, who used to visit both the banks from time to time. Employees were kept on salary ranging from 15000 to 25000 rupees. It is being told that there is a person named Lalli Yadav along with these accused, with whom they had opened these 5 fake bank branches. (Auraiya Fake Bank Revealed)

According to the police, 6 laptops, cash counting machines, stamps used in banks, passbook printing machines, inverters and batteries, QR codes, monitors and many electronic gadgets have been recovered from the accused in this case. Right now the police is interrogating the accused more.
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