Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case: Google manager Ganesh Shankar accused her of forced marriage by taking her hostage, after which the girl’s family asked for Rs 50 lakh

Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case: Google manager Ganesh Shankar accused her of forced marriage by taking her hostage, after which the girl’s family asked for Rs 50 lakh


Madhya Pradesh: Google Manager Ganesh Marriage Case- A strange case has come to the fore regarding marriage from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Where the manager in Google company has accused him of forcibly getting married. He said that now a demand of 50 lakhs is being made by blackmailing him by taking photographs of the wedding.Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case

Whereas the girl’s family members allege that the marriage took place on her own. The boy has remarried, so he is making false allegations. On the complaint of the victim, the police registered a case and started investigation. Actually this whole matter is of Vaishali Nagar of Bhopal. Here the Kamla Nagar police has registered a case on the complaint of the victim under the sections of blackmailing threats and keeping the room locked. (Google Manager Ganesh Case)

On the other hand, the girl’s family members say that she is making false allegations, this marriage has taken place with the consent of both of them. Let us tell you that the victim is posted as a manager in the world’s largest company Google. Hence the matter has become high profile. And now it has become very viral in the country. (Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case)

According to media reports, it is being told that Ganesh Shankar, a young man posted as manager in Google Company, is a resident of Kasturba Nag Govindpura, Bhopal. 35 year old Ganesh Shankar has done MBA from IIM Shillong and currently he is working in google company in Bangalore. (Google Manager Ganesh Case)

But in September last month, he had lodged a complaint with Kamla Nagar police station that a girl from Nehru Nagar used to study with him in college. Now that girl wanted to marry him. But I (Ganesh Shankar) and my family refused to marry him. And since then the girl’s family members pressurize and threaten for marriage. (Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case)

In this case, the Deputy Inspector of Kamla Nagar police station, Sanjay Singh says that the girl had also passed out in MBA from IIM Shillong along with Ganesh. But it is being told that both know each other very well. And it has also been heard that there was love between these two.” (Google Manager Shankar Case)

But apart from this, it also came in the media reports that there has also been a relationship of live-in-relation between these two for about 7 years. But after the completion of studies, both of them got jobs, and both started working in Bangalore. It is also being told that both of them had also done love marriage in the year 2021, but did not tell about this love marriage to the family members. (Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case)

Ganesh Shankar alleges on this whole incident that the girl had once called him and asked him to meet him at his house, but he refused. After this the girl said that you just meet my family members once. After which he (Ganesh Shankar) agreed to meet the girl’s family once and came to Bhopal on June 21- 2022. Here the girl’s family took her to the airport and to their home to pick her up. (Google Manager Shankar Case)

Ganesh further said in his complaint to the police that after this he was taken hostage in a room in a flat in Nehru Nagar, and when he was forced to marry his daughter, he refused. After this, the girl’s family members gave her a pill of intoxication. When an attempt was made to forcefully marry him, he (young Ganesh) regained consciousness, and ran away. After that went to the police station and lodged a complaint with the police. (Google Manager Ganesh Marriage case)

While the girl’s family members say that Ganesh Shankar is lying, he has married another girl in Bangalore after actually marrying their daughter. The girl’s family members say that they came to know about this when they saw the photo of her second wedding on Ganesh Shankar’s social media account. (Google Manager Ganesh Case)

After seeing this, he went to Bangalore, where Ganesh Shankar was found living with his wife in a flat. When his daughter asked to keep him there, he refused, but when Ganesha was not ready even after pleading with his daughter and drove him away. (Google Manager Ganesh Case)
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