Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching: 2 Muslim boys who went to visit Chhath Ghat in Muzaffarpur were brutally thrashed by a mob of Hindutva, one youth died

Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching: 2 Muslim boys who went to visit Chhath Ghat in Muzaffarpur were brutally thrashed by a mob of Hindutva, one youth died

Bihar: Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching– A case of lynching of 2 Muslim boys has come to light from Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. Alleging molestation on Mohammad Nihal alias Ayan, who had gone to meet his girlfriend here, the Hindutva mob beat up the youth and his friend so mercilessly that a young man died on the spot. While the other youth is battling between life and death in the hospital.

According to media reports, this incident took place on Sunday evening in Mahartha village of Kanti, Muzaffarpur. Actually, Ayan went to Chhath Ghat with his friend Faizan. It is news that the girl had called him. On seeing the Muslim man, the family members of the girl attacked both of them along with the crowd. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

During this, Ayan was beaten so much that he died on the spot and left Faizan as half dead. Later the police reached the spot and admitted him to the hospital. Faizan is seriously injured. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

In this case, the police has registered an FIR against about hundred unknown people including six named in the sections of murder and mob lynching. After the incident, the people of the girl’s side are absconding after leaving the house. Let us tell you that the family members of Ayan and Faizan are pleading for justice, for this they also demonstrated. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

According to the news of Hindustan, Ayan’s mother Shamima Khatoon said that his girlfriend had called him to meet him on Chhath. He went to Mahartha village with friend Faizan. There the family members of the girlfriend saw her. After this, people beat him accusing him of molestation. There was a chance of relaxation, in the meantime a large crowd surrounded Ayan and his friend Faizan. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

The mob started beating both of them mercilessly. The girl’s men dragged Ayan away from Chhath Ghat. He was beaten to death on the spot. The mob left Faizan as half dead. The policemen present at Chhath Ghat were doing nothing in front of the violent mob, they were watching the same incident in front of them. When Faizan died, the Kanti police station reached the spot and the body was sent to SKMCH for post-mortem. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

Faizan was sent to PHC by the police. From there he was referred. SHO Sanjay Kumar Singh said that an FIR has been registered in Kanti police station regarding the incident. Ayan’s father Mohd. Barik told that his son was caught by the girls long before Arghya. (Muzaffarpur Mob Lynching)

When he came to know about his arrest, he called the girl’s father and pleaded. He also urged those people to beat them as much as they want, break their arms and legs, but do not kill us. Barik told that when he even told the girl’s father that we will accept whatever punishment you all will give to Ayan, but those people did not agree. Ayan was brutally murdered by the mob.
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