Russia Plane Crash: Su-34 Russian fighter plane crashed in residential area of ​​Russia, 13 people including 3 children died

Russia Plane Crash: Su-34 Russian fighter plane crashed in residential area of ​​Russia, 13 people including 3 children died



MOSCOW: Russia Plane Crash – At least 13 people, including three children, were killed in a military plane crash near Ukraine on Monday in the residential area of ​​Russia’s southwestern city of Yeysk. At the same time, after the completion of debris removal work at the incident site, ten bodies have been found. The rescue team has completed the work of clearing the debris.Russia Plane Crash

Ten bodies were found during the rescue activities due to which 13 people including 3 children have died, 19 people have been injured in emergency situation. TASS quoted a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations as saying that after the rescue operation was over, about 360 people were evacuated and 68 people were rescued. (Russia Plane Crash)

A Russian Su-34 supersonic fighter-bomber jet crashed into a residential building in the city of Yeisk on Monday. Russian state media RIA Novosti, citing the country’s defense ministry, reported that the accident was caused by an engine ignition.

“On 17 October-2022, a Su-34 aircraft crashed while taking off for a training flight from the military airfield in the Southern Military District,” the ministry said in a statement to the RIA. (Russia Plane Crash)

According to reports from the ejected pilots, the cause of the plane crash was the ignition of one of the engines during take-off. At the crash site of the Su-34 in the courtyard of one of the residential quarters, the fuel of the plane ignited.” Yesk is located across the waters of the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol. (Russia Plane Crash)

Earlier, according to Ukrainian officials, at least four people were killed after Russia attacked the capital of Kyiv on Monday with Iranian-made “Kamikaze” drones, which provided Ukraine with more advanced air defense systems for Western allies. Repeated your call to supply. (Russia Plane Crash)

According to media reports, drones have played a key role in the conflict since Russia launched its full-scale offensive, but their use has increased after Moscow acquired new drones from Iran over the summer. Iran on Monday once again denied arms supplies to Russia in its war against Ukraine.
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