Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt: Religious texts burnt inside the mosque, angry mob burnt hoardings of BJP leaders

Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt: Religious texts burnt inside the mosque, angry mob burnt hoardings of BJP leaders

Shahjahanpur: Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt– In Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, chaotic elements entered the mosque and set the religious text of Muslim religion on fire. When the Muslim community protested against this, they got angry and came out on the road. Angry people took down the hoardings of the BJP leaders in the vicinity and set them on fire.

Simultaneously, they started raising slogans against the police administration. Seeing the deteriorating atmosphere, the police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the crowd. Heavy police force has been deployed on the spot.

Syed Shah Fakhre Alam Mian Mosque is in Mohalla Bawuzai of Chowk Kotwali area of ​​Shahjahanpur city. Sometime on Wednesday evening, two youths entered the mosque and burnt the religious text kept there. When Imam Hafiz Nadeem and others reached for Namaz, they informed others after seeing the burnt pages of the religious book.SHAHJAHANPUR RELIGIOUS BOOK BURNT

Late in the evening a large number of people gathered outside the mosque and on Beri Chowki Road. Due to which there was a traffic jam. Around 8 o’clock a large crowd gathered in the area. After this, some youths tore up the holdings of the BJP and set it on fire. (Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt)

During this, the police also had to use mild force to disperse the protesters. However, ADM Administration, ASP City Sanjay Kumar also reached the spot and talked to Imam and other people present there and explained them. The officials spoke to the Imam and other people present there. He sought time to apprehend the accused. (Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt)

According to Superintendent of Police S Anand, a case is being registered in this case and search is on for the accused. Soon the whole matter will be exposed. During this, the SP has appealed to the people to maintain peace and order. He said that a CCTV footage from before the incident has also come to the fore, in which two youths are seen. It is believed that both of them have done this act. He said that both would be arrested soon. (Shahjahanpur Religious Book Burnt)
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