Violence Against Muslims in India: Mob lynching is done to create panic among Muslims in India

Violence Against Muslims in India: Mob lynching is done to create panic among Muslims in India


New Delhi: Violence Against Muslims in India- Dawood Ali Tyagi, a resident of Vinaipur, was attacked by a mob of 20-22 people on September 2 in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Activists claim that a meeting was held in the area before Tyagi’s murder, where a plan was made to intimidate the Muslims of the area. The police also accepted the meeting and the conspiracy.Violence Against Muslims in India

So far, four people have been arrested in the case and investigation is on. However, Tyagi’s family claims that the attack was not sudden and it was actually a targeted crime aimed at creating fear among Muslims. However, the claim of the police is something else. (Violence Against Muslims in India)

A farmer by profession, Tyagi lived in Vinaipur with his wife and daughter, while his three sons study in Delhi. Talking to The Wire, one of his sons Shahrukh said, “My father was talking to our relatives in the verandah of the house. Was doing. Around 10 o’clock in the night, 20-22 people came riding on seven-eight bikes.Violence Against Muslims in India

Shahrukh told that my father was attacked on the head and his hand also got injuries at three different places. They also opened fire on my cousins. They were shouting slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’. After the attack, Tyagi was taken to the Family Health Hospital in Meerut for treatment. (Violence Against Muslims in India)

However, he died early in the morning. The FIR of the case, which was investigated by The Wire, was registered on September 3 against unknown persons at the Khekra police station. Which includes section 147 (punishment for rioting) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC); The charges have been framed under sections 148 (rioting, possessing deadly weapons), 149 (every member of an unlawful assembly guilty of committing an offense for a common purpose) and 302 (murder).Violence Against Muslims in India

The FIR matches with Shahrukh’s statement. However, there is no mention of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans allegedly raised by the mob. However, on September 5, Khekra police issued a statement saying that they have arrested four people in connection with Tyagi’s murder and also seized two bikes and two sticks. (Violence Against Muslims in India)

As far as the motive behind the incident is concerned, after interrogating the 4 accused, the police said that tension had escalated between Bhagote and the residents of Vinaipur, and the 4 arrested people decided to attack any person from Vinaipur. did. Tyagi’s family says that even after a month has passed since the murder, the investigation is not progressing. Because most of the accused are roaming freely, due to which there is an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the family.

The promise of giving a government job to Tyagi’s family member has also not been fulfilled. Shah Rukh also claimed that recently there was an attempt to scare the family, due to which his fear has increased again. Shahrukh said that many days ago my brother and my uncle had gone to the farm where the culprits surrounded my brother. Shahrukh says 4 people have been arrested but a month has passed but police action is not progressing.” (Violence Against Muslims in India)

The victim’s side and the activists of the area told that before the murder of Tyagi, a meeting of Hindu people was held in Bhagot village, in which a plan was made to intimidate the Muslims of the area. Devendra Dhama, an activist, told The Wire that “some people wanted cheap popularity, so the attack was carried out.” (Violence Against Muslims in India)Violence Against Muslims in India

The purpose of this meeting was to create fear among the Muslims of the area, not to kill or loot. Earlier, Hindus tried to read Hanuman Chalisa in the mosque of this village. A BBC ground report quoting eyewitnesses from the area said that a meeting took place at a temple, where several youths were called to participate in the attack. The BBC report also said that one of the four arrested accused had also posted on social media with the aim of abetting the attack.

But speaking to The Wire media, the police denied all the claims that the political implications of the meeting were being extracted. Circle Officer of Khedada Police Station Vinay Choudhary said that 4 people have been arrested in this case. We are looking for the rest. (Violence Against Muslims in India)
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